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Introducing our Eco-Friendly Thermal Printhead Cleaning Wipes


Introducing our Eco-Friendly
Thermal Printhead Cleaning Wipes

As a manufacturer of compatible thermal printheads, our customer service, engineering and design staff are often called upon by our customers to troubleshoot a variety of printer and printhead issues.

It’s because of that close connection with customer challenges that Gulton is aware of just how often proper cleaning and maintenance (or lack thereof) can be involved in thermal printing issues.  So today, we’re introducing you to our Eco—Friendly Thermal Printhead Cleaning Wipes.

These wipes are a great favor you can do for your investment in thermal printing.  Use them regularly and you’ll see a difference in print quality and performance.

-          Eco-friendly

-          Easy to use

-          Removes difficult adhesives

-          Maximizes printhead life

-          Insures quality printing

-          Revives platen rollers

-          Reduces your service calls

-          Saves you time and money


They’re priced right too, at just $38 for a box of 25 wipes.  Take care of your investment in quality thermal printing.  Click here for the details.

The Gulton Printhead Manufacturing Glossary

The Gulton Printhead Manufacturing Glossary

Gulton Printhead Manufacturing Glossary

Our customers have always asked us some very important questions about what we do here at Gulton.  As a printhead purchaser, it’s important for you to feel comfortable with our products and have a basic understanding of Gulton’s manufacturing process and the components used in that process.

You can check out our manufacturing process as we take you step by step through our facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFHOxgf0YEQ&t=104s

In addition, please spend some time with Gulton’s Printhead Manufacturing Glossary so you can become familiar with the components that allow the printheads you purchase from us to work for your requirements:

  •   Heatsink

o   This is a passive heat exchanger that transfers the heat generated by an electronic or a mechanical device.  Heat is
     dissipated away from the device thereby allowing regulation of the device's temperature at optimal levels.

  •   Driver Chip (IC)

o   A driver chip is an electrical circuit or other electronic component used to control another circuit or component.

  •   PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

o   A printed circuit board mechanically supports and connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and 
    other features etched from one or more sheets or substrates.

  •   Substrate

o   A substrate is a white piece of material that contains the individual dot pixels that connect electrically to heat the pixels
     to produce an image.  Each dot pixel is controlled separately through the connector that connects to the logic of a printer.

  •   Coating

o   Every printhead includes a hard coating.  This coating protects the heater elements from getting abraded by the print
     medium, while still enabling the heat they generate to produce quality printed characters.

  •   Resistor

o   In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active
     elements, and terminate transmission lines.

  •   Connectors

o   Connectors allow the flow of voltage and data through flexible cables connected to logic and power.   


As the experts in printhead manufacturing, Gulton seeks to educate our customers and potential customers about how printheads are produced and, in addition, how they can be kept functioning at an optimal level.   It’s our responsibility, not only as your business partner, but also as the only U.S.-based printhead manufacturer.    We’d like to invite your questions and comments.  Please email them to:  jdigiovanni@gulton.com and we’ll be happy to address them.