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Introducing the SATO 84EX 203 DPI/AM112 Printhead

SATO 84EX 203 DPI/AM112

Gulton, Inc. introduces its newest compatible thermal printhead:
the AM112/SATO 84EX 203 DPI Printhead


May 4, 2018, South Plainfield, New JerseyGulton, Inc., pioneer of the thermal printhead, announced the addition of the AM112/SATO 84EX 203 DPI Printhead to its extensive line of compatible thermal printheads.

As part of Gulton’s ongoing efforts to meet the requirements of thermal printer users, they aim, each year, to expand their printhead offerings.  This year, Gulton has accomplished this by adding the SDP-112-896-AM112/SATO 84EX 203 DPI printhead to their already impressive line of compatible thermal printheads.  If you’re a SATO 84EX user, you’ll want to take note as this printhead is now available for up to 50 percent less than its OEM counterpart. 

Gulton designs every compatible printhead we offer to the exact specifications of the OEM.  Our manufacturing process ensures our customers the highest quality.  Our customer commitment ensures them the best service available.  The introduction of the AM112/SATO 84EX once again accomplishes our mission, bringing customers OEM-level quality at competitive pricing,” stated Joe DiGiovanni, Sales Manager of Gulton, Inc.  “And once again, customers can feel confident that Gulton’s entire team of designers and engineers have worked diligently to provide the products our customers are expecting.”


To take a look at the savings your company can achieve purchasing the AM112/SATO 84EX 203 DPI Printhead from Gulton instead of the OEM, visit www.gulton.com.




Gulton, Inc. is America’s leading manufacturer of thermal printheads used in a variety of barcode, label and photo printers worldwide.  Gulton’s commitment to quality makes their printheads the perfect choice for cost-conscious businesses looking to duplicate OEM print quality without paying OEM prices.  Find out what made in America can mean to your printhead purchases.  Visit Gulton, Inc. online at www.gulton.com.



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