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Get to Know Gulton, America’s Printhead Manufacturer: Still Growing and Going Strong

Get to Know Gulton, America’s Printhead Manufacturer:
Still Growing and Going Strong

Gulton, the only U.S. manufacturer of compatible thermal printheads, has a long and storied history.  We developed the first thermal printhead back in 1972 for use by the federal government and led the way forward for affordable quality compatible thermal printheads for the global market.  Today, in 2020, Gulton remains a leader in the industry.  Through good times and bad, our company has continued to grow, develop and deliver outstanding, affordable products to the market.

It’s been quite a challenging year for businesses around the globe.  And Gulton is no exception – but, as has been true for the better part of a century through any of more than a few arduous environments, Gulton has persevered through the COVID-19 crisis.  Our manufacturing floor has remained open and we have continued to service our customers who have played an essential role in keeping the world moving during this unprecedented time.  Our thanks and respect go out to all of them and to every essential industry and worker worldwide.

We donned our masks, doubled down on sanitizing and went to work to make sure that our customers’ thermal printers never missed a beat so that they could continue to serve their customers uninterrupted.  Gulton is more aware than ever just how connected we all are.

We still make the best compatible thermal printheads you can purchase anywhere.  And we still make them here in the U.S. and sell them to you at prices far below OEM products.  Our processes and technologies are still equivalent to those used by the original equipment manufacturers.  Gulton’s commitment to quality and customer service never waivers.  We have continued to work closely with our customers to provide them with the products they need, the craftsmanship they expect and the dedication they deserve.  And because Gulton printheads are manufactured in New Jersey, in the United States, our customers have never needed to be concerned about product availability through these trying times.  Made in the U.S.A. has never sounded quite as good or meant quite as much as during these last six months!

As we all look forward to bettering conditions globally, we’d like to invite you to Get to Know Gulton again and experience what Gulton quality, Gulton service and Gulton commitment can mean for your business.