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Easier Searching for Easier Shopping on the Gulton Website: Introducing Manufacturer & Printer Model Search



Gulton offers our customers almost 200 different compatible printheads that work with a large variety of the most popular thermal printers.  We manufacture them right here at our facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey and every one of them is available online at our website: www.gulton.com.

Of course, Gulton has always had our own model numbers for those printheads.  For instance, the compatible printhead for the Sato CL408 203 DPI printer is Gulton’s model number SSP-112-896-AM67 (or the AM67 for short). 

While we have always guided our customers to the correct printhead for their printer model when receiving phone and email orders, it was a little more complicated for our customers who wanted to order printheads online.

Introducing the New Search by Manufacturer & Printer Model Function

This great new search function makes it so easy to find the right compatible printhead for your Zebra, Sato or Datamax printer.  The function is accessible fight from the Gulton Home Page:



After clicking through on the home page link, simply type in the manufacturer name and printer model for which you need a compatible printhead in the search box provided.  You’ll see a drop-down list with printer models list from which you can make your selection.




After you make your selection, you’ll be brought to the next screen, where you can click through to the printhead and make your purchase.



This makes shopping on the Gulton website so easy and intuitive.  You won’t need to know the Gulton model numbers, only the printer model you own to select the correct compatible printhead.  Check out our great new feature at www.gulton.com.  If you have any questions about how to use this search function, give us a call at 1-800-356-0399 and we’ll be happy to help.