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Measuring quality: What exactly is pharmaceutical grade water and why is Gulton using it?


Measuring quality:  What exactly is Measuring quality: 
What exactly is pharmaceutical grade water and
why is Gulton using it?

Here at Gulton we talk 
an awful lot about quality.  While we know our customers understand the quality of our products, we’re not sure we talk quite as much or as often about the great care we take with our manufacturing process that ensures the high standards of quality Gulton customers expect.   Gulton’s pharmaceutical grade water filtration system is a great example of that. 

You might be saying to yourself, “Gulton is a printhead manufacturer.  They have nothing to do with pharmaceuticals.”  And you’d be right about that.  But our manufacturing process only benefits by the application of the highest available standards for ultrapure water filtration.  Water is a key part of our manufacturing process, as substrates and circuitry need to be rinsed washed and prepared prior to assembly.  Any particulates coming into contact with these important product parts can severely affect product quality. 

Ultrapure water is water that has been purified to uncommonly stringent specifications.  It is treated to the highest levels of purity for all contaminant types, including: organic and inorganic compounds; dissolved and particulate matter; volatile and non-volatile, reactive and inert; hydrophilic and hydrophobic; and dissolved gases.  In addition to the fact that UPW has organic particles and dissolved gases removed, a typical UPW system has three stages:  a pretreatment stage to produce purified water, a primary stage to further purify the water and a polishing stage, the final part of the treatment process.

The resulting water that’s used in the Gulton manufacturing process is just one of the uncommon steps we take to ensure the highest quality product walks out our doors.  Fewer particulates mean higher quality.  Higher quality means happier customers.  At Gulton, we don’t just talk about quality, we make sure everything we do at every stage of our process guarantees it.

Gulton welcomes Sales Manager Joe DiGiovanni

Gulton, Inc., America’s Leading Thermal Printhead Manufacturer, Announces New Leadership as Joe DiGiovanni takes the Lead in Sales and Marketing


July 10, 2017, South Plainfield, New JerseyGulton, Incorporated announced today the addition of Joseph DiGiovanni in the role of Sales Manager to lead the Gulton sales and marketing team during 2017 and beyond.

Mr. DiGiovannni comes to Gulton, Inc. with over 25 years of experience in the thermal printer business, ranging from technical services to sales management. Joe began his career as a technical expert for thermal printers, including the analysis of print heads.  Joe moved from technical services and the responsibility for all thermal printers in the Americas to sales management.   In leadership positions at  Avery Dennison Corporation and Peak-Ryzex Inc, Joe was able to lead teams to impressive gains in revenue and industry stature that proved invaluable. 

It is Joe’s intention to bring that same management style to the team at Gulton.   He commented, “I am very excited to join a highly professional team that produces high quality products to enhance the customer’s ability to produce high quality thermal transfer images.”

offers customers the best quality compatible thermal printheads available, USA-based manufacturing facilities, superior customer service AND an educated, knowledgeable sales team led by a seasoned industry professional.  Every aspect of our business, vision and mission are designed to bring the best possible customer experience to every thermal printhead buyer we service.

Gulton, Inc., invites you to go visit their website at www.gulton.com.


Gulton, Inc. is America’s leading manufacturer of thermal printheads used in a variety of barcode, label and photo printers worldwide.  Gulton’s commitment to quality makes their printheads the perfect choice for cost-conscious businesses looking to duplicate OEM print quality without paying OEM prices.  Find out what made in America can mean to your printhead purchases.  Visit Gulton, Inc. online at www.gulton.com.


AM108/SATO CL4NX 300 DPI Printhead joins Gulton’s new CL4NX Family



May 16, 2017, South Plainfield, New JerseyGulton, Inc., pioneer of the thermal printhead, announced the addition of the AM108/SATO CL4NX 300 DPI Printhead to complete its new line of CL4NX compatible printheads.


Recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to thermal printers, Gulton has introduced the AM108/SATO CL4NX 300 DPI Printhead following up January’s debut of the AM107/SATO CL4NX 203 DPI Printhead.  SATO’s CL4NX printer has made a huge impact on the markets it serves.   Gulton engineers have successfully built these OEM-quality compatible printheads that provide those markets with affordable replacement printheads that can save CL4NX owners up to 50 percent off of their OEM counterparts. 

The AM108/SATO CL4NX 300 DPI Printhead is available now from Gulton, Inc.


Gulton’s introduction of the AM108/SATO CL4NX 300 DPI Printhead, closely following the launch of the AM107/SATO CL4NX 203 DPI Printhead, reinforces our commitment to providing quality printheads at substantial savings to our customers.   Gulton’s CL4NX compatible printhead family addresses the needs of every customer with OEM-quality technology at prices well below OEM norms,” commented Michael Sarno, President of Gulton, Inc.  “Watch for our updates regarding more new product introductions from Gulton as we continue to innovate during 2017 and beyond.”

To take a look at the savings your company can achieve purchasing the AM108/CL4NX 300 DPI Printhead from Gulton instead of the OEM, visit www.gulton.com


Gulton Announces First New Product of 2017

AM107/SATO CL4NX 203 Printhead Now Available
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